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Education Law

Post-Secondary Education

Certain colleges, institutions and post-secondary schools operating within the state of Florida are subject to rules and standards as promulgated by Florida’s Department of Education, Council for Independent Education (“CIE “). The CIE licensure and/or administrative hearing process can become a challenging and difficult undertaking for a school or college that has not retained competent and experienced legal guidance and support. Private colleges and schools often find themselves in need of legal consultation and representation, whether such advice concerns the licensure process, or simply responding to complaints, whether founded or unfounded, that are reported to CIE against their school or college. Due to the competition between for profit institutions for students, it is becoming increasingly common for a school or college to fall into noncompliance with state and federal laws and rules as a result of engaging in noncompliant recruiting, enrollment, and/or job placement practices. It is important for an entity to be aware of the laws and standards applicable to post-secondary for profit institutions, particularly as it relates to providing timely responses to CIE inquiries, complaints, and notices of compliance.

The Law Offices of Jacob C. Jackson, P.A. has experience in representing private entities such as for profit colleges and schools before state licensing or governing authorities such as CIE as it concerns response to notices of noncompliance, agency inquiries, and/or complaints originating from a private third party, or a governing or licensing authority. The firm can also provide legal guidance and counsel to schools and college during any initial or subsequent application and/or renewal of a license as well as ensuring their recruiting and enrollment practices are compliant with applicable federal and states laws. Mr. Jackson is a member of the Association of Private Schools and Colleges of South Florida, Inc. (“APCS”) and the Florida Association of Postsecondary Schools and Colleges (“FAPSC”). Both of the aforementioned organizations support and provide information to private for profit schools and colleges regarding industry trends, legislation and other membership services.

Childhood Education 

The Law Offices of Jacob C. Jackson has experience in representing entities in the area of childhood education, particularly as it relates to the field of early learning. The firm currently acts as general counsel to a countywide public entity that provides educational support to children as well as to a nonprofit entity that sponsors school board approved educational classes and programs for children with disabilities within the community.

Practice Areas

The firm provides legal consultation, guidance and support in the following educational areas:

-Review, release and redaction of child and if applicable, parental/guardian records

-Review, consultation, and drafting of parental/legal guardian consents

-Review, interpretation and consultation regarding educational standards for certain programs as articulated by the Florida Department of Education or other governing authorities

-Legal counsel regarding compliance with statutory and code related requirements for the operation of for profit schools and colleges

-Legal review and analysis of public school board agreements with private schools and nonprofit entities sponsoring school board approved classes and programs

-Legal review and analysis of applicable federal, state and county laws applicable to private schools and nonprofit entities sponsoring school board approved classes and programs

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