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Policies & Procedures, Organizational Documents and Organizational Structure

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 set forth certain governance and compliance standards for public firms and corporations. Even though the standards promulgated by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act are not legally mandatory for nonprofits, not for profits, quasi-governmental or governmental organizations, all lawfully formed and/or regulated entities would be wise to embrace some of the guidelines and practices articulated under the Act, particularly in the area of audits, conflicts of interest, confidentiality/disclosure, whistleblower protection, ethics, reporting, and document maintenance (e.g. access, security, use, breach, distribution and destruction). The primary method of ensuring that the appropriate controls and standards exist within an entity is through the creation of comprehensive policies, procedures, and organizational documents. An organization’s governance model should also assess and monitor the reporting and accountability aspects of its organizational structure and determine whether or not a committee structure may be more preferable in meeting the organization’s transparency goals than the traditional personnel structure. A thoughtful and transparent governance model provides an organization the requisite tools and controls to identify, examine, mitigate and/or eliminate risk and liability issues within an organization.

Mr. Jackson’s past service on public and nonprofit boards on the state and local level combined with his experience as an in-house counsel to nonprofits, not for profits, public entities, and private businesses makes the Law Offices of Jacob C. Jackson, P. A. the ideal firm to advise and assist your organization in the creation of a comprehensive, transparent and accountable governance model.

Risk Management

An essential part of an organization’s governance model is the implementation of a comprehensive risk management plan for the organization. A risk management plan is key to mitigating or eliminating certain risks and liabilities within the organization and ensuring legal compliance with state and federal laws. Mr. Jackson has experience in providing legal consultation and support to organizations in the risk management area as well as creating a preventive law/compliance plan for large to medium-sized entities. Mr. Jackson has received state and local recognition in both the private and public arena in the area of risk management and has obtained licensure as a healthcare risk manager with Florida’s Agency for Health Administration. In the public sector, Mr. Jackson has also served as chairman of an organization-wide risk management committee for a large hospital system as well as for a regional office of a state agency. Due to his past service in the public sector on risk management committees, Mr. Jackson has dealt with a number of risk and compliance related issues in such areas as incident reporting, sentinel events, root cause analysis, client safety (patients, recipients of services etc..), confidentiality/disclosure (HIPPA, child records, etc..), records retention, corrective actions, regulatory/compliance, premises liability, and notices to and from governing authorities. Allow the Law Offices of Jacob C. Jackson, P.A. to help your organization with your risk management program. See Attorney section of website regarding the recognition of Mr. Jackson’s work and service in the governance and risk management arena.


The Law Offices of Jacob C. Jackson, P.A. can also provide legal support and consultation with entities seeking accreditation with recognized accrediting agencies and boards. The firm has been retained by organizations in the past to provide support and guidance with policy reviews and strategic planning for entities seeking accreditation from agencies or councils such as the Council on Accreditation. Allow the firm to assist your organization with the accreditation process. 

Practice Areas

The firm provides legal consultation, guidance and support in the following governance, risk management and accreditation areas:

1) Legal review and assessment of organizational documents (e.g. policies and procedures, bylaws, etc..) and/or organizational structure (e.g. Board, Board committees, etc..) for private, public and nonprofit entities

2) Revision and/or creation of policies and procedures, bylaws, or other governing documents as required by applicable governing entities or authorities 

3) Risk management and liability assessment of your organization (including creation of risk management and preventive law plan)

4) Legal consultation and guidance for entities undergoing the accreditation process with governing accrediting agencies, councils or commission

5) Training and orientation of Board members and employees regarding governance, conflicts of interests, disclosure, ethics, reporting, policy making and confidentiality

6) Legal review and consultation regarding an organization’s compliance with applicable state and federal laws