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Not for Profit /NonProfit

Not for Profit vs. Nonprofit

At first glance, these two phrases do not appear dissimilar, however, depending on the purpose, operation, strategic plan and funding of your organization, this subtle difference in language can have significant impact on your organization. For example, there is a difference between entities organized as 501(c)(3), 501(c) (4), 501(c)(6) and 527. It is essential that organizations have an informed understanding of these differences in order to ensure compliance with those laws rules, and industry standards that may apply to their entity, particularly if the entity desires to have a fundraising component to its operations.  The Law Offices of Jacob C. Jackson, P.A. can provide legal counsel, support and representation in the following areas:

-Formation and designation of legal status for not for profit and nonprofits

-Legal review of rules, statutes, laws and other compliance standards for not for profit, nonprofit and political groups

-Legal review and consultation regarding fundraising and donor related issues 

-See Governance, Practice Areas section of firm’s website for further information regarding the firm’s legal services 

Health and Human Services

Most nonprofits organizations tend to provide support for those individuals that are recipients of services and programs in the health and human services arena. Nonprofits primarily provide direct and indirect services and support to persons who may have certain challenges, or are in need of additional assistance or access to services and programs due to capacity, age, dependency, addiction, economic status, education, health, or learning/developmental disabilities.

The Law Offices of Jacob C. Jackson, P.A. has unique experience in the area of health and human services due Mr. Jackson’s professional background and the firm’s diversity of clients. As a former region counsel for the Department of Children and Families as well as in his current role as general counsel to nonprofit entities that provide services to children and persons with disabilities, the Law Offices of Jacob C. Jackson, P.A. has created a special legal niche within the health and human service areas. Mr. Jackson has obtained licensure as a health care risk manager from the State of Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration and has familiarity with health related legal issues and laws.

The Law Offices of Jacob C. Jackson, P.A. can provide legal counsel and representation in the following areas:

-Training and support regarding the mandatory reporting requirements for reporting abuse, neglect, exploitation and abandonment to the appropriate public agencies

-Legal review and consultation regarding incident reports, referral and risk management issues

-Legal consultation and support regarding confidentiality and HIPPA related issues

-Redaction of confidential records

-Legal review and consultation regarding protocols for handling vulnerable populations

-Legal consultation and training regarding client and family rights, including client safety and consent issues

-Legal consultation and training regarding capacity/competency issues and guardianship

-Limited legal consultation regarding Medicaid, TANF and other federally funded programs

-See Governance, Practice Areas, Education Law (Children) and Public Entity Law sections of the firm’s website