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Public Entity Law

The firm believes that it is important for its clients have a comprehensive understanding of the rules, laws and standards that govern the relationships between the following entities:

a) Government agencies, commissions, boards, or other political subdivisions operating in the public domain pursuant to state and/or federal laws

b) Quasi-governmental entities that receives public funding and operate for a public purpose pursuant to state and/or federal laws

c) Private and/or not for profit contractors and vendors who receive compensation or contract with governmental and quasi-governmental entities

A thorough understanding of the obligations and responsibilities that an entity encounters when operating in the public domain is critical in ensuring that the organization is operating in a efficient manner while simultaneously maintaining the organization’s commitment to the public of accountability and transparency in the delivery of their commodities or services. Most entities who operate within the public domain on a regular basis experience the daily challenge of trying to walk the delicate line between operating an organization that provides needed services or goods to the public while at the same time staying in compliance with the disclosure, ethics, conflict of interest, and other applicable governing standards as prescribed by law or rule. Entities who are subject to laws that deal with public disclosure, conflicts of interest, board communications and/or the procurement of goods and services often require knowledgeable and experienced legal guidance to help them to navigate the legal and ethical minefields associated with these transparency and ethics laws. 

The Law Offices of Jacob C. Jackson, P.A. has unique and extensive experience in the area of public entity law. As a former region counsel for a state agency as well as through his current role as a general counsel for a public entity, Mr. Jackson has a thorough understanding and appreciation of the challenges faced by those organizations operating within the public domain.  

Practice Areas

The firm provides legal consultation, representation and support in the following areas:

1) Sunshine Law

            - Communications amongst or between board members, employees, and directors of a public entity

            - Public meetings (notices, agenda, access, and meetings)

2) Public Records (Disclosure, Retention, Maintenance, Use, Distribution, Redaction, & Destruction)

3) Confidentiality (Records, Personal Information, HIPPA, Exemptions, Redaction)

4) Ethics

5) Conflicts of Interest (Determination, Waiver, Reporting, Disclosure, and Exemptions)

6) False Claims Act (Filing of Invoices, Receiving of Payment, etc..)

7) Whistleblower (Application, Reporting, Retaliation, Notice, Procedure)

8) Administrative Hearings or Proceedings Representation (State, County and Municipal)

9) Procurement Law (Creation of Bid, Type of Bid, Cone of Silence, Bid Selection Process, Legal Guidance to Procurement Committee, etc…)

10) Legal counsel and interpretation regarding compliance/regulatory issues for an entity

11) Government Relations